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Be Upright With the World Again

A simple, non-invasive treatment for spatial disorientation and motion sickness

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Be Upright With the World Again

Live free from symptoms of motion sickness.

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Age 34
Life-long Vertigo Sufferer

“I feel like I have my life back again. My dizzy spells have practically disappeared.”

View a presentation on military and civilian aerospace applications.

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About Us

The Story

The introduction of augmented reality into mainstream technology can now improve the health and safety of millions. Our technology paints a virtual horizon line on a head mounted display that creates a persistent frame of reference for the wearer. With this subtle addition to a user’s field of vision, symptoms of motion sickness and spatial disorientation are drastically reduced.

The Impact

More than 2 million people visit a doctor for dizziness each year. Additionally, 90% of the population experiences motion sickness at some point throughout their life.

Within the aerospace industry, pilots wearing head-mounted displays with our technology are free of spatial disorientation, even when their vision is obscured in adverse weather.

The Developers

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